ABA Treatment for Families

ABA treatment varies in intensity, duration, behavioral targets, and settings. As a learner makes progress towards desired behavioral outcomes, intensity, setting and prioritization of behavioral targets may change for most beneficial individualized treatment. The recommended intensity of ABA treatment is based upon individual client needs and response to treatment. Treatment may be comprehensive in nature, including many behavioral targets and objectives or focused with fewer behavioral objectives. Comprehensive ABA treatment is typically more intensive and longer in duration with treatment sessions occurring daily or minimally multiple sessions per week. Duration and intensity of treatment are determined by skill level, learning history and progress on goals. Focused ABA treatment targets fewer behavioral objectives. As a result this treatment may require fewer hours per week. Intensity and duration of treatment is determined by the client’s individual needs, severity of socially significant behavior of concern and response to treatment.

At Behavioral Learning Center our goal is to affect socially significant behavior change for the clients we serve, to assist families in achieving this goal we require a minimum of 4 hours per week of ABA treatment.