Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

The Behavioral Learning Center team is honored to be entrusted with the important work of improving the lives of the learners we serve. Team members engage in extensive initial and on-going hands on training with careful supervision by certified individuals. Employee reviews and assessment of procedural consistency occurs on an on-going and regular basis to assure highest standards of treatment.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA):

BCBAs are required by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) to have:

  • A Master’s Degree in a qualifying area of study
  • Coursework: 225 classroom hours of graduate level instruction in specified content areas
  • Supervision requirements: 1500 hours of independent fieldwork experience or 1000 hours of practicum experience
  • Upon completion of required coursework and supervised practicum or fieldwork experience, a proctored exam must be taken and passed to complete the certification process.
  • Maintaining Certification: 36 hours of BACB approved continuing education over a 2 year period is required by the BACB

BCBAs are responsible for:

  • Behavioral assessment including functional analyses with behavior analytic interpretation of the results
  • Supervision and design of ethical and effective behavior analytic interventions
  • Design and implementation of appropriate ABA assessment and interventions for a variety of unfamiliar situations with a variety of cases
  • Seeking input from other more experienced practitioners when needed
  • Teaching others to engage in effective and ethical interventions based on behavior analytic research
  • Design and delivery of instruction in behavior analysis
  • Supervision of BCaBAs and behavioral technicians/implementers

Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA):

BCBAs in good standing may apply to the Missouri Behavior Analysis Advisory Board to be licensed in the state of Missouri.