Behavioral Technicians (Implementers)

The behavior analytic model of service delivery commonly includes well trained carefully supervised Behavioral Technicians to assist in delivery of ABA treatment.

Behavioral Technicians:

  • Are trained and closely supervised by BCBAs and/or BCaBAs
  • Allow for most cost effective delivery of medically necessary intensive ABA treatment
  • Are observed by board certified supervisors (BCBA or BCaBA) implementing treatment with learners on caseload to assure consistent and high quality treatment delivery
  • Receive direction and revision of treatment protocols from certified supervisors (BCBA or BCaBA) on a weekly to monthly basis, dependent on the needs of the learner and behavior(s) targeted for change

The BACB developed and published Practice Guidelines for Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2012. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide insurance health plan providers, consumers and professionals with guidance thereby promoting clinically informed and best available ABA treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. The passage of autism-insurance mandates in a number of states including the state of Missouri (effective 1/2011) prompted the guidelines to be written, hence the guidelines’ focus on the diagnosis of individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

For additional information on the autism-insurance mandate in the state of Missouri see:
Missouri Autism Coalition FAQ on Insurance Law