Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA)

BCaBAs are required by the BACB to have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a qualifying area of study
  • Coursework: 135 classroom hours of instruction in specified content areas
  • Supervision requirements: 1000 hours of independent field work experience or 670 hours of practicum experience
  • Upon completion of required coursework and supervised practicum or field work experience, a proctored exam must be taken and passed to complete the certification process.
  • Maintaining Certification: 24 hours of BACB approved continuing education is required over a 2 year period

BCaBAs are responsible for:

  • Descriptive behavioral assessments with behavior analytic interpretation of the results
  • Design appropriate, ethical and effective behavioral interventions for familiar cases receiving technical direction by BCBA for unfamiliar cases
  • Upon attaining competency through supervision by a BCBA, can train and supervise behavioral technicians in behavioral interventions
  • Training of others to engage in effective and ethical interventions based on behavior analytic research
  • Supervision of behavioral technicians/implementers
  • On-going supervision by a BCBA is required

Licensed Assistant Behavior Analyst (LaBA):

BCaBAs in good standing may apply to the Missouri Behavior Analysis Advisory Board to be licensed in the state of Missouri.